4 Benefits Of Bone Conduction

4 Benefits Of Bone Conduction

Our ears are composed of the outer ear, middle ear, and inner ear, along with the ossicles, nerves, and systems working together, enabling us to hear and analyze sounds.

However, the vibration can still be transmitted to the inner ear through the bones, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum. This process generates the same signals in the auditory cortex of the brain. This revolutionary way of hearing is known as bone conduction.

Its unique principles and open listening mode offer advantages that in-ear headphones cannot provide.


1. Ear Protection: Preserving the Eardrum and Ear Canal

Certain marketing campaigns might claim that bone conduction does not harm hearing. However, this statement is inaccurate. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), humans are born with approximately 16,000 hair cells in the cochlea. These cells naturally undergo metabolism, but exposure to loud noises can lead to irreversible cell death. Therefore, improper use of audio products, whether air-conducted or bone-conducted, can damage hearing. Bone conduction protects the eardrum, a crucial component of the ear.

Conventional wisdom dictates that sound must pass through the eardrum via the ear canal to reach the inner ear. Most audio products on the market follow this principle.

Bone conduction, however, relies on bone vibrations to transmit sound directly to the inner ear, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum. Bone conduction devices decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that the cochlea can directly receive, truly safeguarding the eardrum and ear canal.


2. Improved Hygiene: No Worries About Blockages Leading to Bacterial Growth

As early as 1992, a study published in the medical journal "Laryngoscope" by Itzhak Brook and William Jackson measured bacterial levels on 20 pairs of commercial flight headphones. Initially, the typical headphone surface harbored 60 types of microorganisms. After an hour of use by a volunteer, this number skyrocketed to 650 times, approximately 11-fold higher.

The conclusion of the study, whether it was the proliferation of bacteria due to headphones or the heat and humidity in the volunteer's ears leading to the rampant growth of "resident microbes," is unsettling.

Dr. Hayley Ralph, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine at OSF Healthcare, noted that "bacteria and fungi thrive in moist, warm areas, such as the ear canal. Earplugs can sometimes accumulate moisture and fluids in these areas," confirming the results of the previous study.

When you immerse yourself in music with in-ear headphones, bacteria are having a party. In-ear headphones not only block the ear canal, creating pressure in the outer ear but also create a closed, non-ventilated space that can accumulate heat and sweat. It's an ideal environment for bacteria to thrive.

However, you can make the right choice. Dr. Ralph suggests, "Wearing headphones outside the ears instead of inside may help reduce the risk of ear infections." Bone conduction glasses are a safer and healthier choice, which is the widespread application of bone conduction technology.


3.High Waterproof Performance: Sealed Design to Face Any Environmental Challenges

It can be said that air-conducted audio products cannot be truly used in water due to the scientific principles of air conduction. Air-conducted audio products rely on the propagation and vibration of air. Therefore, they cannot achieve complete closure in design. Whether it's air holes or sound outlet holes, there is a risk of water seepage. Once moisture enters the internal components, electronic elements are easily "contaminated," affecting their performance.

Bone conduction is different. Its working principle relies on bone vibrations to transmit sound. It does not require insertion into the ear or depend on air. Paradoxically, the fewer air gaps, the better the product's performance. Therefore, bone conduction products can achieve true full closure, blocking air and moisture. Whether in stormy weather, extreme heat causing profuse sweating, or swimming in a pool, bone conduction can handle it perfectly.


4. Environmental Awareness: Open Listening Mode to Catch Every Environmental Sound

Walking after work, jogging after dinner, or unwinding after a busy day with some exercise, listening to a familiar playlist or new podcasts is a great way to relax. However, if you choose in-ear audio devices, you're accompanied by risks.


Whether it's the honking of cars and trains, bicycle bells, or other people's warning sounds, when you're immersed in your own world with in-ear headphones, your perception of the environment weakens significantly, or even disappears entirely. The consequences of this can be serious, as seen in accidents others have experienced: Why I Recommend VocalSkull Bone Conduction Glasses - Customer Feedback.

By using bone conduction products, you can hear the hurried footsteps of pedestrians and the angry honks of cars stuck in traffic. You remain connected to the outside world while being undisturbed, forming a seamless integration with bone conduction technology. You really should give it a try: vocalskull.com.

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